Hey, i saw this local band play once and the bassist had this powerful green light emitting from one side of the bridge and then up to the headstock, i think it looked really cool but i cant find anything, if i google stuff like "guitar lights" i get strings and ive even tried LEDs.
The closest thing i found was this thing u attach to the strings on the headstock, basicly its the other way around but i didnt like that as it was quite big and ugly. So i was wondering if any of yous know where to get this?
it might be those cute little optical cable lights...you know those stringy lights that were very popular in the eighties. I would think you could just glue it on or something. But that's just my guess.
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Was the band by any chance Kill Hannah? I know they do that. There's a guy actually on this board that plays for them, and he posted pictures and briefly talked about the lazers fixed to his guitar.

I wouldn't fix anything to a LP Custom, but to each their own...
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Nah this was very local band, its nothing glueing on, i thing it was to clip onto thebridge....
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