I consider myself a somewhat skilled guitarist. I've been playing about two and a half years, and so far everything I've learned has been classic rock or alternative-ish stuff. I want to learn an instrumental rock song that isn't impossible and won't take me 3 years to get down, but I do want something challenging. Obviously when I say instrumental rock, I'm thinking guys like Vai, Yngwie, Satch, Timmons, etc.

I'm capable of playing some fast runs, but nothing too crazy. I just want to push myself, I guess. Here's a video of me playing Plug in Baby, for a reference or something..

Is there a song out there that fits the criteria?
if you know NOFX ....its always a good challenge to play some NOFX....specialy THE DECLINE...it's not very hard ans it'svery fun to play...

you should check it out

sorry for my english lol