I'm new to UG and I have a quick question about amps.
Say you have a 50w Marshall Halfstack and a 100w Marshall halfstack. Both cabinets are equiped with ths same speakers. Which one will be louder or will they both be the same? Which will be cleaner at higher volumes?

100w one -"its 50w louder init?" - ----------------- btw if you got the cash for both those amps and don't know which one is louder - then u do not deserve them
100w will be cleaner at higher volumes especially if you are talking about solid state. and the 100w will be louder in general but you prolly wont push it to the point where you would really notice that often.
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Obviously the 100w will be louder, but it won't be a whole lot louder. You probably don't even need 100w, especially since 100w tube will probably explode your balls. The 100w will have more headroom before it distorts as well.


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100 watts will definately be louder, but you probably honestly wouldn't even notice.

The real difference is that the 50w will begin to break up and distort before the 100w, which means the 100w is better for cleans. Break up isn't really a bad thing, either.
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If you are in a band and play gigs then id say you probably do need the 100 watts. But if you are playing in your bedroom then 100 watts will be way to much. Mine is 120 watts and is perfect with my band but no way id play it in my bedroom.