Any feedback on the mxr zw-44 overdrive. Now im not looking at this because its a sig pedal. Just heard its good for tightening up and already distorted tone, which is what im looking to do. At the moment im interested in this, the fulltone OCD and the mi audio tube zone.

Which would you recommend for tigthening up the distortion on my DSL 401
dunno bout the DSL combo, but yep it tightens ure tone, and realy makes harmonics + two hand tapping stand out. but a general rule with OD's (+ 1 i keep to for good results) is to keep the gain around 09 o'clock and the level around three o clock to realy push the tubes.
+ obviously tone to ure prefference.
It is a perfect OD for someone looking for a Tubescreamer type overdrive Without the mid-range hump. This pedal wont give Instant metalica wall of distortion, but a good OVERDRIVE. + should work well with ure DSL 401, but dont think about it with a SS amp, **** no.
generally its disliked round here, (zakk sell out thing, 'better' out their for your money etc etc) but it does the job for me.
my advice is to buy it from an shop tht has a 30 day money back gaurentee jus in case you dont like it.
How much boost does it take before your tubes blow up?
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well i tried some pedals in my local store, they didnt really stock any OD but tried the ds-1, metal core, and they all sounding very thin and harsh. But then i tried the proco rat is it was very un defined and fuzzy. Would the zw-44 be somewhere in between
Not being familiar with the Tube Zone, I think the OCD is probably your best option, and I'm not just choosing it over the MXR because the MXR is a sig pedal. In my experience, the ZW OD is a very high-gain pedal and probably won't "tighten" your sound so much as give you so much gain, your sound will be fizzy and undefined. I've never tried an OCD but I think it would probably work better for you.

But that's just me.
the mxr zakk wylde is bad, very bad, don get it
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well, seeing as you tried out two bottom of the line, shoddy quality DISTORTION pedals... (i hate it when people confuse D with OD) the ZW would be nowhere inbetween, no.

if you realy want to try it, do what i said about buying it from a store (prolly an online one, if local ones to you dont stock it), make sure you have a return polcy with it + if if its not the one take/ send it back, get your money back + keep looking.