What is a easy song that I should start off on, I just started playing guitar and i know a few chords, and my Guitar Teacher told my group to bring in a song that we want to learn to play, so i was wondering what is a good, but easy song, that will sound good on Acoustic.
most things sound good on acoustic guitar...what music do you like?

if you like motorhead, then god was never on your side is pretty easy, but you may need to change the strumming pattern at first...
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I like rock/classical rock/alt rock.... I was thinking of doing "One Last Breath by Creed" But idk if that be to hard for a beginner
I play guitar.
"Louie, Louie", "Wild Thing", "Driver 8", "Superman"... What kind of music do you like best? Look for something by someone you really enjoy and go from there. Good luck!
Looks like you like Weezer. "Buddy Holly" is a fun and pretty easy song.
yea weezer is good, and o thought weezer's guitar parts were pretty hard.
I play guitar.
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nirvana is super easy. give some of that a try

what are some songs by them?
I play guitar.
well the song i started out with was about a girl but i didnt learn the solo until i got better so screw the solo unless u think u can get it. also lithium is easy. the verse looks like its a bunch of notes but there really power chords that u have to pick. trust me i started with these songs so they will look hard at first but ull get them. good luck.
oh and try some old punk too like the ramones or sex pistols. its really good beginner stuff