Hey, i've got question, kinda stupid but, yeah

what should the distance of the bridge be from the neck? I'm toggling the idea of building a guitar of my own design and im not sure where the bridge should be placed. Is it standard in all guitars? or does it vary from guitar to guitar? is there a site i could go to to find out?

Sorry, i dont know much about all the specs and stuff.

thanks for any help
On my S470 the end of the neck to the front of the bridge is about 6 1/2 inches... idk if that helps any
Well the distance from the nut to the 12th fret should be the same as the distance from the 12th fret to the bridge... I think...
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^ Pretty much. It's roughly that same distance to the high e saddle.
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the middle two saddles should be [scale length] - [neck length] away, if you have those measurements.
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It's hard to tell whether you're asking about the distance you will have in which to install pickups, or not. If so, you need to know your scale length for a start. Then you need to decide how many frets you want. Once you know that, you can use a fret calculator to lay out your frets and determine exactly the distance from the nut to the last fret. Then subtract this from your scale length and you will get the distance you have left on the body in which to space your pickups.

If this is indeed what you are asking, I can take some rough measurements from my guitars if you like.
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Hey, thanks for all the replies, um im not sure how many frets, probably 22. I just wasnt sure if there was some standard distance the bridge was from the neck. So i need to do my fret calculations and then determine from there.
OK, let's take a couple of examples from my guitars; (keep in mind, I'm doing this using a tape measure and rounding somewhat, so don't go building from these!)

1) Strat
Scale length = 25.5"
Number of frets = 22
Distance from nut to 22nd fret = 18.25"
Distance from 22nd fret to bridge = 7.25"

2) PRS CE24
Scale length = 25"
Number of frets = 24
Distance from nut to 24th fret = 18.75"
Distance from 24th fret to bridge = 6.25"

Google 'fret calculator' and you will come up with a few. Keep in mind that you may find methods of calculating that will give you the distance to your new fret from your last one rather than the total distance from the nut to that fret. Don't use this method, as the error in your measurements becomes cumulative. In other words, your frets will be progressively further from where they should be as you go up the neck. Lay a few designs out on paper and make sure everything makes sense before proceeding with a build. Lay out a side view accurately too. You would be surprised how many people don't, then try to figure out neck angle based on bridge height too late.
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