I plan on getting a delay and a phaser. Can't use the effects loop. Too much trouble for me I guess. For my OD and wah, no problem there as many said, they sound better on the input.

I'm worried about the delay and phaser though. I mean, would they sound distorted if I turn on my OD? If so, how would that sound?
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Do you use any amp distortion? If not, put them after the OD and they'll be perfectly ok.
it wont be horrible... I actually prefer the sound of phasers in front of the amp rather than in the loop. In the loop my Ph-3 sounds more like a flanger. The delay will sound better in the loop, but its not unusable in front of it, it just sounds really echoey and a little distorted.
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if you are soon to get a classic 30, i dont see any reason not to use the loop. i mean my delay and my phaser sound much better in the loop of my classic 30 on the gain channel. clean channel isnt a huge deal, but it is better on gain. i mean its not like it sounds bad before the amp, just better in the loop.