need an amp
have been playing through a roland microcube
i usually just play at home in my basement
so i need something that has a good range but doesnt have to be insanely loud
i have an epiphone les paul standard with seymour duncan 59 neck and JB sh-4 bridge pickups

i like classical, blues metal rock all that

price range..300-600

thanks guys
For that genre you're probably looking at a 5-15 watt tube amp. You should try out a fender blue jr, a palomino v8/v16 and probably one of the small blackheart combos.

These amps would have a tougher time doing metal but with the right amount of crankage and an od it could be done. You could always keep the cube as well and make that your metal amp.
I don't give a shit if you listen to me or not
You like blues, metal, and rock...the cheapest way to do all of those well is a $900 Carvin V3. So where can you compromise? If you can compromise on the metal part, a Crate Palomino V16 or V32 would be ideal. Also, a Fender Blues Junior would be worth looking at. Look used, and you'll have some cash left over for a nice TS9 or other OD.

If you're set on metal...you're limited to either a $550 Randal RG50TC, possibbly one of the new Bugera tube combos (no word on how good/bad they are yet, really), or a lot of luck for a used 5150/6506.