I've just got a Line 6 Flextone 3 XL combo for home practice and have the FBV 4 button footswitch with the expression pedal on it. Im wanting something else that'll let me access the other 32 presets on it, not just the first 4. I cant really afford a Line 6 Shortboard so it there anything else I can use?

what sort of connection does it have to connect the footswitch to the amp?

I have zero experience with line 6 amps or any sort of footswitching that isn't just reverb on/off or gain on/off (pretty much just normal footswitching situations, nothing to do with switching between 36 presets)...\

If it's a regular stereo 1/4" jack, then my best guess would be that you'd wire up a switch to connect the tip of the jack to the sleeve to cycle up the presets, and another to connect the ring with the sleeve to scroll down presets. You'd just need two momentary switches.
I don't know, though, that's just a random guess...

edit: of course, that would only allow you to scroll up/down within presets (if I'm even right...), without the expression pedal or anything...
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Ive got the 4 button one with expression pedal but I cant access all the presets with it. I'll just have to bite the bullet and get the shortboard then
i've heard that you can use a behringer floorboard, it's called FCB1010, i have no experience with it, maybe have a brows online and see if you can come up with anything.

Edit: after a quick search i'm pretty sure it works, just might need a bit of programming.
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i have a spider III, and an FBV2 footswitch. The output is RJ-45 i think, very similar to Ethernet. If there way a way to have a MIDI controller of something, and have a cable running out of it with an RJ-45 tip, you should be good.

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i have a spider III 30 , will that shortbord be compatable with it?