Hmmm, a game maybe?

Try spotting the bad musician in Dream Theater.

John Petrucci - guitar
James Labrie - vocals
Mike Portnoy - drums
Jordan Rudess - keyboard
John Myung - bass

I think James Labrie. The others are all insane, James is just average. If not poor.

Kinda ruins the band for me...would otherwise be the perfect band.
Can you sing as well as he does?
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i cant sing as well as him...doesn't stop me commenting on his voice now does it? personally i think he's got a pretty weak voice although he does get all the right notes it's not powerful enough...
that's just my opinion
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IMO James ruins it all... His voice isn't meant for metal, I guess. Just doesn't fit in well with the soundscape.

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Can you sing as well as he does?

Bleed away...
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Can you sing as well as he does?

Uh, do you know that this is the lamest argument ever? Even if he can't sing as well as James, it doesn't mean that he can't criticize him. In fact, most of the critics out there have no idea about playing music, producing movies etc.

On topic: I agree, James is the weakest part of Dream Theater, they could have much better singer.
Methinks James is gonna be the popular answer here.
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