Here's a list I've compiled of dumb reasons why people hate a band

they're overrated

they aren't cute enough (this is from girls duh)

they only use powerchords

they don't scream enough

they're gay

everybody likes them

they're mainstream

they're not fun cuz everybody knows who they are

(insert random name here) doesn't like them

it's the new in thing for people to like them

they're too generic

they're corporate music

they're not christian enough

any other reasons?

if you are wondering what the point of this thread is it's the fact that you should like a band just because you like it just don't hate it for dumb reasons like the above and the more stuff coming.
almost as dumb as people who hate cops
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they aren't cute enough (this is from girls duh)

I don't know what you're talking about. I'm a dude and I use that one all of the time.
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they're too generic

whats wrong with hating a band because theyre generic?

and about five of your reasons are the same thing
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you have there not christian enough, but more often people dont like a band because they are too christian.
guys, he listing peoples stupid reasons for not liking bands, not his reasons

he wants us to contribute

heres mine: the bands look (music is music i dont care what the band looks like)
wut? don't you know they're like F***ing gay man....., duh!!!!! (referring to the scissor sisters)

and hating a band for being generic is stupid, if 5 bands release an album each and they're all exactly the same, whats the difference with 1 band which is totally different producing 5 albums? Music isn't about the technical side, or how the band was formed or their ideals, its just about if it sounds good, and if it sounds good it IS good........maybe in alot of cases generic bands make bad music, but that doesn't make generic bands bad.
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wut? don't you know they're like F***ing gay man....., duh!!!!! (referring to the scissor sisters)

i hate when people say a band or artist is bad because there gay

me "dude i like elton johns music"
friend" dude hes so gay"
me" yea....hes gay, his music is good, thats elton"
friend"hes gay tho"
me"........*walk away genuinly dissapointed in friend*"
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They're Dragonforce

Thats a perfectly valid reason.

I hear

"They use a drum machine" a lot (in the goth scene theres sort of a backlash against electronic stuff going on in some circles)

"they're on a major label"

"they're talking about signing to a major label"

"they sing in english"
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By far the stupidest:

"their music has no emotion"
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Well according to an idiot girl in my social studies class, all music made by bands is terrible, the only good music is made by DJ's
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