i have a fender frontman 65R. its not a bad amp, but it has a constant hum and high pitched background interference. ive taken it to fender who basically said there is nothing wrong with it. has anyone else experienced similar probs with the 65R? if so, what did you do about it? im at the point where i will fix it myself, im just not sure which angle to attack from. any comments greatly appreciated
i used to have that amp. It was a good starter i guess, but i outgrew it after about a year.
anyway, maybe there is nothing wrong with it. it could be a grounding problem with your guitar, a bad cable, some kind of interference from a compiuter moniter, maybe your outlet is noisy. it could be many many things.
some things that can be done:

-make sure you're using an instrument cable, not a stereo cable
-stand far away from the amp, as far as possible
-shield the control cavities of the guitar
-check the wiring in the guitar, might be something is loose or a bad solder joint
-check the grounding of your outlet
-turn of tv's and computers that might be in the room