well ive just been wondering, are the blakcouts almost like EMGs, or do they have better distortions and cleans?
i just want to know what would be better....for the sake of knowing
and the different models better for metal, like the regular blackouts or the blackouts metal...
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well, i haven't tried the blackouts. i want too, but i have emg's, and they're preeee damn amazing.
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I'm the same as gpderek09, I have EMG's but would love to see whether the blackout's live up to the hype.
^ Since you already have EMG's, and the Blackouts have quick-connects, why not just buy them and try them out? Don't like 'em, take 'em back.
Some of the new Schecters have them in. The New Blackjack ATX seies.
Ive heard they are like EMGs but with slightly better cleans and they bring out the tone of the body wood more.
blackout also have a better preamp that reduces hum, though less battery life. And there a new blackout for metal and well i must say it seems like the ****..probs going to buy it..... im drolling now