So im in a band we've got the vocalist writing lyrics and music if he can whereas im writing just music so if he gets lyrics with no music we can put them together. But im really struggling eveything i write sounds like Senses Fail or other bands i like. I cant seem to write anything of my own, Any Help?
heavy= palm muted, massive distortion, constant thunder

as for lyrics think of apocalyptic type stuff or something you can just shout about and it sounds brutal

that doesn't work
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I write alot of metalcore, maybe i can help a bit.

Heres some tips;

- breakdowns can be cool, i like to take them down to about a 3 quaters of the tempo, for example say you were at 180, youd take it down to around 130. That can sound quite brutal.
- 'slower' stuff can be cool, set a metronome to around 130-160 and just jam around in a dropped tuning and see if anything cool comes up. try palm muting the lower powerchords and such!
- diminished chords can add a scary and dark sound to music, maybe play around with some arpeggios and chords!
- maybe go into a more melodic chorus, this can make the rest of the song seem heavyer!
- a clean passage can add some contrast, these are used alot in metalcore so they can be quite boring, so if you use them make them original!
- go listen to some other genres. alot of classical has some cool scary and dark sounding stuff i like to incorperate into metal, but you dont have to do them on the classical instruments, play around and figure what scales they use and come up with stuff in those scales, they'll often use the harmonic minor and such. which can sound very heavy if used in the right way.
- the locrian mode, this is a mode of a scale. its the last of the modes. If you were in Dm, you'd play the locrian in E. it's great for coming up with evil and scary riffs! Or jsut go out and learn all the modes, that will be harder but you'd benifit alot from it!
- the phyrgian *sorry about spelling* mode. metallica and avenged sevenfold use this alot, it has a heavy and 'exotic' sound.

thats all i can think of at the moment, if i think of anymore ill edit them in!
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Okay thanks Carl6661 & Shaned,

Ill Be Using some of those Techniques, im currently writing at about 150-180.
don't listen to senses fail.. tend to stay away from the minor scale (this doesn't mean completely stray from it, or go to the major scale), use octave chords only when completely necessary.. listen to some old metallica or slayer, that should give you a pretty simple/good feel on how to write heavy stuff. if you're aiming for a more new school approach, check out trivium or lamb of god.. if you're aiming for a straight punch to the face dead baby metal, listen to deicide or meshuggah |m|
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well when you right your own music from nothing your discovering your style, but experiment with some things on ur amp and try some tricks.I remember when i began i didn't go to learning songs i just made up stuff but it sounded spanish which is what my teacher played.and just recently I started experimenting with my amp and different music lyrics and i just turned one thing into something else and continued.So now i've discovered my style and it happens to be a bluesy grunge rock mix.Now my point is you are influenced by what you listen to, so just dont listen to music for a little while and take some time to make up stuff.
theres been some bad advice here...

it doesn't matter what scale you use, all scales are applicable to heavy music... its the technique that distinguishes the style...

basically theres just a bunch of techniques that you can throw in and use the notes to express yourself...

SO first technique that I like is the gallop its 2 16th notes followed by a 8th.... you can invert it too, 8th followed by 2 16ths for a different feel... depending on the feel you want to have your going to either be doing a gallop on the downbeat, up beat, or just absolutely constantly... its difficult to write a riff where the gallop changes (goes from a down beat to an upbeat) but isn't constant... it works sometimes, but most of the time it doesn't work.

palm muting is the same way... you either do i downbeat upbeat always or not at all.

you gotta get clean technique... so practice is extremely important, I personally practise 3 hours a day... less if I'm working maybe 1hr... basically the most important thing about heavy music is that you practice.

Sweep Arpeggios are sick... they dont have to be fast... just clean thats why the practise comes in...

experiment with them the cool thing about them is that their is so many different little notes you can add to create unique phrasing and unique sounds... like add a 7th, or a 6th, and you'll get some neat little sounds.

tremolo picking can create some tense and fast moving parts, downpicking fast like 8th notes can create a tight groove... completely Palm Muted riffs can create lots of tension...

ya, I dunno theres lots of different techniques...

For me, when I write it starts when I get a riff that I think is SICK... and I build my song around the sick riff, I think what kind of feel I would want coming into the sick riff, and what kind of feel I want after the sick riff, then I sort of take the main riff and create different variations on its basis, like just slight differences, so that I can basically be playing the same thing and it would sound very similar to a listener, but it creates "hooks" inside of the main "hook".

And you shouldn't be afraid to look at other peoples music for inspiration... I don't think its so bad, just don't rip em off.
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