Been having a number of problems with my band.

My drummer is enthused about the band, but unreliable. He cancels about half of the practices, and now we're rather dependent on having him, since he's the newest member of the band we need to run him through the songs we're more familiar with. My singer used to drum for us and he has problems with our drummer's style, despite the fact that the drummer is immensely more skilled than him. My singer doesn't really write lyrics on his own time, so often during band practice he doesn't practice singing with us, but writes lyrics. Both the singer and the drummer are very adamant about how they want to play, and I can see both their points of view (regarding the singer, I don't want to have songs written about knights and vikings and stupid **** like that, and regarding the drummer, he tends to play almost exclusively offbeats and can't stay consistent in a pattern). I've written 90% of the basis for the music, and I come home and practice every day. I don't think they're have the same level of committment and with how frustrating it is I'm tempted to just join another (already formed) band.

Meanwhile they have all said I'm the de facto leader of the band, and so I'm trying to figure out how to get their act together. But it's not clear or explicit.

Any advice?
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I had the same problem. Just do what I did. Leave them in their misery and take your music with you to another band.
Agreed, but give 'em fair warning first. Tell 'em that you could easily join another band without all the hangups involved in this band and that if attitudes don't change and if everyone can't even get into the same book, let alone on the same page, then you'll have no option but to leave and join another band.
You never know, it might just work, but if it doesn't, at least you won't look like you've just left them on a whim for no reason.
Remember, in this business, your personal reputation is quite important.
Hahaha, knights and vikings. Well, if you're in any way skilled whatsoever lyrically, you could sit down with the singer on a day you don't have practice and write some stuff.

If you're drummer keeps canceling practices, ask him if he wants to be in the band. Not over the phone or IM, or texting, but in person. I went through the same thing as you (off beat, dropping sticks at shows, skipping practices) and basically said "f*** it". Don't let him bring down the band.

Just do what you think is right, really. Positive actions get you to a better place.
Theres alot of good advice given here. Let me add some advice also.

Let the band know that you dont feel like the band is working out for you. Its not allowing you to grow musically and its really no big deal. Be nice.

I decided to leave my last band and once the dust settled everyone but the singer stayed...I kinda had to fire that person in the end and that sucked...bad. But they realized that after 1.5 years we quit making head way somewhere along the way and the threat of the band breaking up was a wake up call.

Your problem is abit different than my last issue but Ive had simular things over the years and I think its time for you to call it quits. Perhaps get rid of the drummer first and just use a drum machine until your stuff is written and tight. Plus its easier to find a drummer when he can walk in and just start drumming.

Sorry my thoughts are all over the place lol...its late and Im gonna sack out.

BTW the Knights and Viking thing is funny...one reason I dont let my Bass player write lyrics. Its all dragons lore, knights, magic pumpkins etc.
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well lets face it.. if the sounds of each members style clash, its not going to work. It's no fun being in a band when you have to try and play with someone elses style because your style is what you bring to the band. I think the drummer should play the way he's comfortable with and the singer should pull his head in and put a bit more work into his part both during practices and in his own time.
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I had the same problem. Just do what I did. Leave them in their misery and take your music with you to another band.

Yep, I did the same, only thing you can do. If your bandmates are lazy and stubborn, your better off finding yourself a new band.