I am decent at alternate picking, i can get by. But i seem to have the most trouble on the highest three strings. It's like, they're looser, so it's difficult to pick fast on them.
Do i need to develop a better technique or just get higher gauge strings?
Sorry if this question has been answered before.
Thank you!
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try using softer picks?
and get heavier gauges?


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thats odd. its ahrder for me on the wounded strings. but the key it to just practise.
practice it for like an hour daily and youll be good at it in no time. i just used scales and 2-3-4-5-4-3-2 up and down all strings to practice alt & eco picking. works like a charm
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It's most likely the way, or what you're practicing. Concentrate on playing exercises that isolate the three highest strings.

When you practice scales, try to keep your picking smooth and even, with out a lot of wasted motion. You may be picking too hard if you're mainly picking fast on say the low E string for example.

String gauge should'nt really matter unless you're using 8's, but a heavier gauge could give you a fuller tone.