I'm just a casual player and I don't gig or anything ... but I am a little unsatisfied with how I sound through a Boss DS-1 and my pathfinder. I've heard that overdrive pedals are best used on Tube amps ..... but would a TS-7 sound decent even through a Vox Pathfinder 15?
I've never had experience with the TS-7, but the TubeScreamer is an incredible line of pedals. I have the Maxon-OD808 and it is simply awesome. Gets that tube power tube saturation right on, with the boost it gives.
But go try one out before you buy one.....see if you like its characteristics. They aren't for everyone.
I'm not doubting the quality of the TS-7. I was just wondering if putting it through a solid state amp instead of a tube amp would compromise the sound greatly.
Ohh. I'm unfamiliar with VOXes so I did not know it was a SS. Umm. Won't sound as good as through tube, but if your looking for a more smooth overdrive and not distortion sound it should please you.
might sound alright actually. from what i can remember (i took mine apart, lol, and i don't have a tubescreamer anyway), the pathfinder took pedals pretty well for a solid state amp.

best bet is to try the amp with the pedal in question, if at all possible.
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