I am looking into playing at an Old Folk's home, community centre or restaurant near me to earn some money. I am at a fairly intermediate level with my playing, but mainly play metal. Obviously people don't want to hear that at a restaurant or whatever so does anyone have any suggestions for some jazz/popular melodic songs to play on guitar (without singing)?

PS-Dont's say 'I Cum Blood' or anything by Cannibal Corpse
I cum blood!

But seriously, you could try some beatles or stones songs...
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Yeah, try stuff from their youth, or try some blues or jazz
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If you can find instrumental versions of Gershwin or Rodgers & Hammerstein, those would likely go over well. Folk songs would also be appropriate. If you play a retirement home on a Sunday, a smattering of standard hymns from various denominations would likely go over well, too, as there will always be people who are unable to go to church but wish they could.
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Instrumental versions of Beatles songs would be a good place to start. 'Something' sounds great as an instrumental. You should learn some shadows songs too. 'Apache' is a good well known one. Also songs from musicals aswell e.g. Oliver, The Sound Of Music etc. I'm not sure how they'd sound as instrumentals though, but it should sound ok depending on the instrumentation.
peace of mind by boston but in acoustic
ants marching is a good song
murder by david glimour
stop and stare by onerepublic
magic carpet ride by steppenwolf
and any and all steve miller
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Get a Real Book and learn some standards from there. The older people will usually know these songs, and I would think jazz standards are the perfect choice for a restaurant setting. Some classics that comes to mind is Autumn Leaves and Fly Me To The Moon.
Definitely some Beatles... Blackbird perhaps?
Cissy Strut by The Meters is a good one.
Even a bit of Johnny B. Goode, ya don't really need the singing for it.
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