Can anyone assist with the strumming patter to this song. I can't seem to keep the chord transition smooth. I've actually picked up the F chord fairly easily but just can't keep the chords in sync with the lyrics.


umm... practice?
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oh boy.. Don't bother posting if it's going to be useless. What I'm saying is I don't wan't to practice the wrong pattern. Usually for song there is a correct patter. I was just curious if for Watchtower it there was a pattern.

Lol, well, what do you want us to do? Listen to it, and then play what you hear. It's not exactly the most complex thing in the world.
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Yes it was a crap answer but I agree, listen to the track and pratice till you get it right then practice some more.

Try www.justinguitar.com for a simplified version.
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