Hey Guys,

I've decided to get some new tubes from Dougstubes.com and ive made my choices. Im going to get some Tung Sol 12AX7's and JJ EL84's. On the website power tubes have different ratings for the type of music you want to play, and i need help on finding the ones that best fit my needs. I play Metal(thrash like Megadeth is the heaviest i go, no death metal or anything like that) most of the time, but i also play blues and clean stuff. The websites ratings are:

Early Distortion (Groove Tubes - # 1-3) is best for a softer attack, and those who play a lot of rock and blues solos.

Average Distortion (Groove Tubes - # 4-7) is great for your normal all around tone - for those who want some versatility in their sound.

Late Distortion (Groove Tubes - # 8-10) is chosen for those who want their sound dynamic and clean - especially Jazz and Bass players.

Obviously the late distortion is out of the picture. I was thinking Early Distortion, but im not entirely sure due to the fact that the sounds im going for are pretty versatile. Keep in mind that i use a overdrive to push the tubes into the type of metal territory im looking for.

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Early distortion pretty much just means that you'll have very little clean headroom. If you can live with that I'd so go for them. If you want more cleans then get the average distortion tubes.
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