i have loads of clean melodies and kicking distorted riffs but no songs

i am a poor songwriter and need to learn how to implement structure

any websites or tutorials on the net or advice from my fellow ultimate guitarists?

i like all metal like the in flames soil work style, the megadeth pantera metallica style,,

nevermore and lots more

thank you for getting me going
I don't know if there's any special way of doing it, but usually when I come up with a riff I say to myself "is this a verse, chorus, intro, whatever?" and then I mess around with it and try out different things before and after it. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Just like anything else

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what is a solo?
Things that you may want to try (I used this technique with my old band, but we didn't record any of it because there was never a day where everyone could get together, plus half of them couldn't play).
One of the first things you might wanna do is make some lyrics. If you already have a rhythm in your head, then it is way easier to create a guitar part that fits it.
So, after that, come up with an intro or a main riff. Once you have that and it sounds good, then come up with a good chorus (or just throw away the chorus and replace it with a sweet breakdown) then get a second verse, and another chorus (or whatever). Next throw in a guitar solo (if you want, or it could be another breakdown), and repeat the main riff again, followed by another chorus, and an outro.

There! Now you have a sweet metal song!!

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personally i'll write a good simple riff usually and then try to expand on it or make a variation of it. often times i'll play it over and over and over until i come up with another part that i think fits perfectly, i'll continue doing the new part over and over till another part pops up, i'll keep making new bits like this until i feel i have enough for a song. then i sit down and give a VERY basic structure. THEN once i have lyrics for it i'll go back and shorten and extend certain sections to make sure i can use all the lyrics i want to for it and to make sure i can solo etc as much as i want or i think should fit.