I have an Ampeg BSE410HLF, anybody have any experience with either of these heads as I am thinking of getting one of them. My music styles are mostly Rock, Metal, and R&B and I also need something for practice.
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Ashdown out of those two. GK's Backline stuff is poor.

Look at Carvin too. They are cheap, and good. [/generic answer]

My second amp was a Carvin, R600 to be precise, I killed it within a month
Then you must've been doing something wrong.
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Damn you and your ninja-like modding
No, maybe not, I've heard the Redlines were Carvin's Dark Ages. They let slip a small fraction of Redline amps that didn't function up to snuff and usually died out. Although, I'm pretty sure you could have returned it for a new one at that point. It was either that or you were running it bridged into 2 ohms.
Either way, Carvin has really changed since the Redlines and I have heard nary a complaint about the BR and BRX series.
I didn't bother to return it, my friend was letting me borrow his SVT610HLF until I could get something of my own, and it was my 1st time using an amp in this set up, (originally used a Mesa Scout combo, great amp) and the Carvin just crapped dead. I now prefer 4x10 and a 1x15 if I need more power, (better sounding in my opinion and easier to haul) I now have my own cab and I was looking at either of these heads. So, I have one vote for Ashdown, any others?
Ive got the Backline 600 and the backline 4x10 cab. I like them and they keep up with my band. Wide tone possibilities, DI and distion built in is nice. (though i don't use the distortion unless im just jackin' around practicing.)

Keeps up with a Marshal 100w and a drummer that doesn't know dynamics {wink}

It works for me. I would head down to the local Guitar Center or the like and check them out.