how do you come up with melodies for your songs? most of mine are just a nice pattern all played in 16ths etc and solos even faster ...but i realize it sounds like practicing sweeping and alternate picking..so how do i get a good rhythm for them?

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what i do is try to imagine a drum beat in my head that would go with the riff, something kinda choppy though. Use that beat to help write your guitar part. Does that help? may not work for everyone.
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i usually find some root notes that sound together well, then add in some chords linked to those, sometimes changing between somesingle string picking & strumming
If you want a good rhythm, try starting by composing the rhythm.

Put down your guitar, grab a paper and a pencil and go somewhere quiet, and start thinking about what you want your melody to sound like. Draw the rhythm, and maybe some of the contour (shape) of the phrase.

Once you are satisfied, it's just a question of grabbing the guitar and filling in the actual notes of your phrase (if you aren't able to do that without your guitar. Ear training can help you to at least write the RELATIVE intervals from memory, and you can figure out the key later).

The things that I particularly like about this method are that I avoid getting stuck with cliches from my playing, and that I can use this technique to write anywhere, even without a guitar.
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