Like a LOT of others my age ..My gifted (so called) career in music was halted by babies, wife , need for food etc. ..then need for college for the fruit of mine loins..and all the other happy horse**** of being an adult .

I was a "talent", at one time many years ago . and crazy as hell !

Still am . .. Crazy that is. When I "retired from R&R I ended up doing RADIO for COUPLATHOUSAND YEARS and got by by playing lead for so-so oldie country bands in the 70's .

Some of you younger talents may not realize this but this is the same story of many of your parents and grandparents...If it were not
for kids ..we coulda been rock stars !

Ha Ha Har Har !

Stop and consider . You have everything in front of you..the future is yours and the guitar is your ticket ! ... ... ... Don't you think your dad and grampa might have felt...Might have felt just the same way ?

But **** Happens.

Here's the deal . I'm trying to get
a "blues band " together .

I've stuck 3 Grand into 15" peavey mains with towers plus 15 inch monitors with a Yamaha mixer amp plus vocal , instrument and drum mikes . I've got 2 casio keyboards with stands running in tandem with a Peavey Basic 112 and peavey TKO 80 ....all Amped down of course.

I play crappy lead and sing crappy blues ( which oughta sellwell) . but other singers and guitarists may apply...here's what I would desire...

I've got a Bassist ( far more talented than I..but a mere child at 50) and I KNOW there are others in their 50's and sixty,s who still know how to kick ass and take names!

I WILL not discriminate against age . if you're young , thats cool BBBUUUTTT ! you gotta be legal , because we're going to start off in saloons,, you must be 21.

Sorry if I took so much space but I would like to chart some new or rearranged tunes.

Keyboardist, Sax Player or two, and Drummer needed ...Maybe lead .

I want new arrangements for old stuff . Are you an old fart , cool ! Can you handle us old poops , Cool.

Thanks for your time .....and be kind to an old poop every now and then..' cause some could burn you...truly and fursure . Oh smile , will ya !

Oh. I play a customized Telluride Telecaster knockoff ( Dang fine guitar for the el cheapo price) with a Zoom 505 II . I also double on the keyboards and do some mandolin. Thanks Again !