I need help dieciding which which guitar to get. they are listed and have photos.
Epiphone '58 goth explorer

Jackson KE2 Kelly


Jackson WRXT Warrior
go for the jackson or teh Esp I've played teh epipiphone and wasn't too thrilled with the sound
If you need a trem, my vote goes for the Kelly. Otherwise, the LTD.
Ibanez RGA121 | ESP LTD H-1000
Axe-FX Standard
Well, if it's just for backup and you don't need a trem, then obviously, the LTD is the best choice. You'd save yourself a hell of a lot of money as opposed to the KE2. It's also not much more than the Epi, which isn't really a great guitar. Finally, the WRXT is around the same price as the LTD, but personally, I think you're getting more for your money with the LTD.
Ibanez RGA121 | ESP LTD H-1000
Axe-FX Standard
i'll remove the Epi from the list just because of the bad rep but that leaves three other guitars. any opinions on the Jacksons and ESP.
I don't really like this style of guitar in general. Just not for me but the Jacskon Warrior is definitely the coolest looking out of those. Nothing like picking up a guitar that looks like a weapon.