Poll: What Kind Of Party Music Do You Like Best
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11 24%
7 16%
8 18%
Glam Metal
1 2%
Death Metal
6 13%
2 4%
1 2%
1 2%
2 4%
Other Explain in post (Sorry if I missed some)
6 13%
Voters: 45.
What music would you prefer at a party and why?

Just asking this for fun and see what people prefer
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Well, if it was a metalhead's party, it's be full of Pantera, Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth etc.
But seeing as all my friends are'nt really into that stuff, we usually have on indie/rock music.
Punk Anthems that everyone can sing.

God Save The Queen - Sex Pistols
White Riot - The Clash

And soem SKa to really liven it up

Take On Me - Reel Big Fish
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Power Metal, so everyone can sing along. Either than that, pretty much anything else that's fast, not annoying and has guitars in it.
Music at a party doesn't have to be good music, it just has to be fun. For example, I love Agnostic Front, but I would never want to hear them at a party.
Whatever Death From Above 1979 is
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i love metal and hard rock but a party is to dance and the best thing to dance is funk, electronic, house...i think
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metal baby. at school "dances" my friends and I are in charge of the music. we start the first few minutes (that's as far as they'll let us get) with a bit of Pantera and Drowning Pool. unfortunately other people don't like that so much.....

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For a party, I'd prefer metal, rock or dance music. In that order. I listen to most genres, but they're the only ones that would suit a party for me. Depends what type though.

With my friends in someone's house: Metal, Rock

At a club: dance

At a pub/bar: rock, or some sort of dance
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Now normally I'm into face melting riffs and screaming guitar solos,

but Pendulum can never go wrong at any party
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Dance music.
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Death Metal!!! Brutal Music!! Scare The Neighbours!!! Rrr Im Evil!!

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I would be personally fine with just Rock and Metal. But then again I do like myself some Death Metal.
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