I'm looking to buy another Wah Wah pedal as seeing as my Ibanez Weeping Demon is not really what i'm looking for. Ive tried to adjust it and everything but i still wouldnt get the kind of tone i wanted. I was thinking of buying a Dunlop Original Crybaby which is what Tom Morello uses, atleast i think thats what he uses. I want a wah that is good for soloing through distortion and also sounds good through cleans and overdrive...so basically a good wah all together. I want a wah that sounds like classic rock, tom morello, john frusciante. Anyway i have a price range of up to $120 and im looking to sell my weeping demon for $90 (maybe) with adapter and its in great condition and what not but thats in another thread.

I'm sorry if i havent ben specific enough for what i want. Thanks.
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i have a DB-01 crybaby from hell,l and it is great for all your purposes. it can do clean and distorted perfectly
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I have a zakk wylde wah, i don't really use it for the sweep, but a lot of time just to cut through with solos and such. But i think you should get the original cry baby, that sounds like what you need and that **** is dope. Go dunlop!
make sure it has a fasel or if you want to you might want to put in a whipple
i've heard that they're really good
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