just some quick questions... does a guitar's weight impact its tone? I've heard conflicting arguments (that heavier guitars have more sustain, darker tone etc.) and when you weigh a guitar, do you weigh it with the pickups, hardware etc. or just the wood (and frets)

(I just weighed my Eclipse out of curiosity, it's 10 pounds)

its not the weight, its the thickness of the body and what woods its made out of. The les paul is unbelievably heavy because it has a really thick body, giving it a thicker and richer tone. But thinner guitars are going to be twangier, generally.
^but weight comes with thickness, cause i played a Les Paul today, and it was really heavy
im pretty sure heaviness does have an effect on tone.
thats why some thin guitars are sometimes REALLY heavy, an example would be Matt Heafy's Dean ML (not that i support him)

some Gibson LPs are really light, some are really heavy, they have exact same size, yet weigh very differently, and comes the different tone.

I like a nice balance b/w heavy and light cuz one of my guitars is TOO heavy and the other is light, so im gonna get a medium weight for my next guitar called Godin LG emg.
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(to fretsonfire74) yes but a 2" les paul can weigh 9 pounds or a 2" les paul can weight 14 pounds. might a piece of mahogany be heavier than another piece, and would the heavier piece sound different because of the density or something?

or is weight variance all just because of weight relief in which case guitar sound smaller because there is less wood.

edit: thank you
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Les Pauls aren't as heavy anymore... The old models, hell yeah they are heavy... Do I like heavy Les Pauls? Sure do. But my 2008 LP is no where near as heavy as the old ones, sounds better, if not the same, as any other LP, and it feels better to hold.