I been reading around here the last month or so, sounds like you guys know your stuff about music products, and I just had a question that Im not sure If you guys will be able to answer but I figured Id give it a shot

I was playing at guitar center today. I was playing higher end schecter models(004, custom5) through a 300w line6 amp. I was amazed at the crisp clean slap tones I got with them. It was the first time in my life I got such good tone slapping my higher strings (d and G). them I got home only to really see how muddy and ugly the tone from my setup up is. Im playing a $340 ibanez 5string soundgear through 120 watt behringer. Yeah I know they aren't the best products but I was never the richest guy in town.

Ive been playing bass for 6 years and taken music theory classes but I never really tooken the time to learn about the instruments and amps themselves. I have come across money to replace either my bass or my amp. my question is what do you guys think I should replace to get closer to that crisp tone I had Playing at guitar center?

Just saying again Im not looking for suggestions of what models to buy, but what part of my setup to replace. Thanks for listening!
replace the amp first because

1 the amp has more control over your tone
2 ibanez soundgear basses aren't terrible
3 behringer amps are terrible
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It's the Behringer.

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absolutely, get yourself a new amp.

Also learning about EQing will help tremendously. I find that I generally get a better slap tone with the Bass and Treble boosted a bit, and mids flat. also soloing the bridge pickups helps. Try this, and it should get you a much better slap tone than you have now, (depending on how you usually have it set up) but it still isn't going to sound that great because of the behringer you have. Don't worry about the bass until later, nows the time for an amp, maybe a nicer cord as well.