What does it mean if your bass amp smells like its burning? It happens whenever I play for a slightly extended period of time, or if I put the gain up too high or something...I'm very gentle with this amp, and it still smells like somethings burning...why?
Check your toaster.

But on a more serious note open it up and look for something that could be burning, or have it looked at if your absolutely sure something must be burning.
Do you use a BR-600?
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I'm positive the burning smell is coming from my amp...I guess I don't know a lot about how an amp is made, I didn't think something could legitimately be on fire haha...I guess I'll take it in
Is it a tube amp? There's a possibility there's some residue on the tubes that's burning from the heat if it's tube. You have to handle tubes carefully, not to touch them with your bare fingers or any cloth that might leave residue.
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