got a brand new line6 spider 3 from gc abuot an hour ago, i get home, and it doesnt work. my dad has gotten it to work twice, but i cant play anything on it. the litle preset bank screen thing lights up when i turn it on, and half of the screen is covered in blocks, and the other half is blank. none of the lights are lit up either. anyone else got an idea? pm if you raelly can help and ill give out my screen name
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RETURN THE SPIDER. Depending on what kind of Spider you got, either look into Roland Cubes or Vox Valvetronixes, or some 5 watt tube amps.
why the hell did you buy that in the first place?
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wow, that was close, you nearly got stuck with a spider.
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line sixes r awesome but they r known for that. happened to my friends. buu since u jsu got it, RETURN IT RIGHT NOW!!!!!
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wow, that was close, you nearly got stuck with a spider.

that's the answer everybody wants when they just bought a new amp

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Return it. Cube's are pretty reliable amps, even for China/Taiwan made stuff.
Return it.

I love the other responses in this thread.
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wow, that was close, you nearly got stuck with a spider.

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If you found a spider in your bath, you'd maybe roll up a paper or get a slipper, but this is different - take it back, get something decent. Let this be a lesson about Line 6 reliability.
your spider broke down?...thats nothing new, consider yourself lucky.

now go get a Roland Cube amp or Vox
I have a micro cube, they sound much better than the spider, (which I tried a few at my store to compare at one time) and the cubes are very flexible, they will do cleans to metal and everything in between.
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Vox aren't much more reliable guys... I have heard LOTS of stories of the lower end ones crapping out after a year or two, and the larger ones having issues, particularly when using the power level control or whatever it is. They are probably all made in one giant factory in China, and the are about as reliable, the only exception being the Cube, but its made in Taiwan IIRC. That said, the Vox DOES have a richer sound quality to it, but its not built any better.