so i am learning the "stairway to heaven" solo by led zep and It has lots of full bends in the solo. Now my eletric guitar is just a 200 dollar blue fender squier strat. I also own a epiphone les paul special 2. The thing is, i can do full bends on my epiphone really well it seems easyier but my epihone's jack is busted so i can't use it to play my solo. But my squier is alot harder to do bends. Its almost impossible on the high e string. I was wondering if this a guitar issue or is it a string thing. I heard the thickness of your strings effect how far you can bend. I know both the strings on my guitars are both like ernie ball strings. not sure the thinkness. I was wondering what type of strings i should get for my squier and the thickness so i can do full bends easyier. please and thank you
Well, most people I know use .09's. They are real easy to bend, personally I use .11's cause I find that the lower gauges seem to not flow very well.
Do you use a BR-600?
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yeah probably string gauge thats effecting it, if your string gauges are different either just play ur start more n get used to the strings or change them down a gauge, a set of 9's is the usual gauge for easy bending, but generally thicker strings means thicker tone so consider that as well if ur looking for certain tones.
String thickness DOES affect bending ability and from what you just explained, you most likly have 11s or 12s on your guitar. 12s being the thickest ive heard of, they are very hard to bend(i have some on my american fender strat).

Now, another thing that takes away bending privlages is how rusty they are. I have two guitars, A Fender Strat, and a First act. The first act hasnt been played in 10 months, and it is hard as HELL to bend them--the strings are rusty.

The fender has Brand new Elixer (Nanoweb Coated-Antirust) strings on it, and is much easier to bend, tho they have a higher guage.

You just need to go to the local shop and Buy some Fender 10s

Thats all
Even if you have the exact same string the squier will be hard to bend on. Lespauls use a 24.5" scale while strats have a 25.5" scale. Higher scale means higher tension. You just need stronger fingers. Or maybe try some .08s
I don't give a shit if you listen to me or not
get a soldering iron and some solder and fix the jack on your les paul so you can use that too
Biggest thing with me and this problem back in the day wasnt string gauge. It was the action. How close you have the strings to your fretboard. No matter the gauge if you got them at the right distance you can bend them. If they are to far away you can't. If they are to close you can't. You need to lower the action the way it is on your other guitar.