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always with my classmates talk about guitarist..and they always sayme
Hendrix is the best guitarist ever , but why?
i need more explains...because i ever listen Eddie and Eddie is better...
only because Hendrix is before Van Halen and for respect him?
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One of the most innovative guitarists of all time. Eddie Van Halen is good, but I wouldn't consider him great. No feeling as opposed to Hendrix which is full of it. Hendrix was raw, dirty, experimental and down to earth.
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i hate when ppl say hendrix is better than hammett. page vs hendrix r better arguments. i personally prefer page
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Hendrix was a huge influance back in the day
And still is to many guitarists today
He was amazign with his effects and what not
Just cuz he didn't play fast, that means he aint good... He created great music
Without Hendrix some guitarists today would be no where
And playing guitar isn't a sport... there is no "best" guitarist
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hendrix + zeppelin influences + other Yard birds guitarists = Foundation of rock

EVH = tapping technique stolen from stanley jordan used in metal instead

im with hendrix
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so is van halen or at least the band is. i hate them, but eddie is really good. so is hendrix, of course steve vai is better then both
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People say Hendrix was the best guitarist ever because he was quite a bit of an innovator when it comes to music at the time, and some of his songs are a challenge to play as well.
In my eyes, Hendrix is better his style and playing is very..interesting. I can't stand EVH- Sure he plays faster uses cool techniques but he's not that good of a songwriter and it's quite apparent he knows little theory. You can't really compare two different era and style guitarists like that, they both have their good and bad points really. It's all a matter of opinion.
Also, classmates tend to just think what other's say without any opinion of their own.
Ask them..
I think they're both pretty overrated, really.
Sorry everyone.

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In terms of technical skill, Van Halen was more polished, but Hendrix was more innovative
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these are seriously the stupidest discussions ever. Stop now, you all look like idiots. No guitarist is "better" than another, they are just different with different techniques. If you wanna compare technique, EVH is lightyears ahead of hendrix in pure technique. When it comes to music you can't judge which is better, just which you LIKE more.

Stop these dumb discussions now, just makes you look ignorant.
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How can you say whos the better musician? There two different styles of rock guitar playing. If you want to say whos better technially, Eddie Van Halen is. If you want to say better soulfully, Hendrix is. You need not focus on whos a better musician because music isnt a competition. There both better than the other at what they do.
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eddie van halen is the most overrated guitarist in the history of music all he did was use double tapping in his solos and people like randie rhodes did it better anyway
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Quote by punkmetalA7X91
eddie van halen is the most overrated guitarist in the history of music all he did was use double tapping in his solos and people like randie rhodes did it better anyway

You're probably the stupidest person to make a comment here.
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forget them and keep this discussion... everyone else enjoys it, i dont understand why you have to go out your way to tell how crappy these threads are.. wow.. seriously..

anyway i prefer eddie van halen over hendrix.. yes hendrix is one of the best.. and was better than anyone at his time and is still practiaclly.. but EVH didnt create the tappin process.. but revolutionized it. Also, his is much more better to listen to.. although Hendrix's is good, most of his songs are alsmot to experimental sounding, other than some like electric ladyland, i love that song, but all together i have to agree with EVH.
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This is the same age old argument that's been around for decades. Here's the bottom line: people don't understand the difference between the words greatest and best. When a guitarist is great, that generally means that they have had a huge influence on the guitar. When one says best, they are generally saying that one is the best technical player. There is a huge difference.

What pisses me off is when people talk about how Hendrix would kick the **** out of all of the other guitarists of the modern age. Hendrix was probably the "greatest" guitarist, but by no means is he technically equipped to face off against those of today. Guitarists like Eddie Van Halen or Steve Vai have a lot more technical skill to their playing, no matter which way you look at it. And you definitely can't say that Van Halen knew nothing of theory either... The fact is, he probably knew more about it than Hendrix, as he was musically trained on the piano, and Hendrix had no training (not saying that this true for certain, but it definitely is a valid argument).

Let's face it, if Jimi Hendrix had never been born until 10 or so years ago, nobody today would probably think he's as technically adept as they do now. But I'm also not saying that he wasn't important, or doesn't deserve any credit either.

In short:
Hendrix=Greatest (most influential).
Eddie Van Halen= One of the best (from a technical perspective)

This post will be subject to a lot of hate mail, but quite frankly, I don't give a ****. It had to be said.
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thats the problem there buddy... if you have a problem with it just shut the **** up.... none of us want to hear it... if we want to debate about it, let us do it and stop being such a bitch about it... im not directing this to you personally, so no offense or nothin man, but that goes for everyone.
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hahaha the anger... well, I was merely expressing my opinion on the argument, in accordance with the debate. I don't believe in these arguments, but I was expressing another side of the argument, so it was not meant to offend you, but if it did, then I apologize... Personally, if you want my short response to the argument, I like EVH better.
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i think both are overrated as players, as a human being, hendrix is an all around legend, so he gets my vote.
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look... Hendrix is really overrated... because the innovation that him did in his time...
But EVH did the same thing... nobody can plays like Eddie also in his time...

why te people say the lie '' Hendrix is the more greates guitarist ever'' why ???
i think Van Halen is equal than Hendrix but the people don`t wanna view that...