a friend of mine wrote these. comments, criticism, or opinions?

be freed

Why go looking for anything more
what in the world will make you happy
what do you need,
to be freed?

Look into what you’ve got
if your ready, you’ll receive
your heart and your eyes and you ears and soul
and then ever so sweetly

you’ll hear the song that’s always been playing
and you’ll see all the things you’ve always had
as all you need
and you’ll be freed.

I’ve know men who’ve searched all their life
and throughout their long and hard journey
what did they find?
It was all in their mind

you’ve got what you need just open your eyes to the light
you’ll never go back and you’ll live all the rest of your life
with ease
and now you’ll seize

clear eyes and hazel skies

Clear eyes and hazel skies
the sun has gone down, but our love it still shines bright
even when you're all alone
just look up in the sky, we'll never leave your side
we'll be with you everyday
the beat of the clock is your constant reminder that
our hearts, they tick, we breathe as you breathe
we all look up at the same sky

your in everything we do
none of us will every forget you
you opened up our eyes
to what the world can be
if we take things into our hands
we'll make all of you understand
that no matter where you look you'll see
clear eyes and hazel skies
"Clear eyes and hazel skies" is a freakin sweet title.

The song itself is a bit cliche, but with a nice acoustic part, it could possibly be a chick magnet on par with "Hey There Delilah"
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