would it work to paint a body first and then cut the binding channel?

this would be to avoid having to mask off the binding when painting

it could turn out good, but i wouldnt be surprised if some wood was visible or something...but i could just touch up the paint if need be, and then clear on top of everything

also, the top of the guitar is not receiving any paint...just the back
Don't do it. If you screw up you'll need to touch up the paint, and you may not even screw up and still cause paint chips. Do it first and put a little extra effort into finishing it by masking off the binding.
Hhhmmm, i dont think the paint will chip, it wont be fully cured when i cut it....but i understand what you're saying and you're probably right, I will probably need to do some touch ups, I've already primed it so theres no turning back, I'll make it work
You can just use a razor blade to scrape the paint off the binding.
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