kk I think I'm gonna get a boss distortion pedal, but i was wondering, what else is useful to have? I play a lot of 70's, 80's rock, psychedelic, glam metal, hard rock. Should i look into a flanger/phase shifter, reverb, and chorus? what about a wah wah pedal. And our volume pedals worth it?
It would depend on what kind of amp you have, but I'd say start with an OD, something like a bad monkey. The probably a wah, phase, delay and all that fun stuff. Best bet would probably be to go to GC and spend like two days there just trying everything and seeing what you like.
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Definately get a distortion of some sort if u have an SS amp, or an OD if u have tubes. A reverb is almost a must for 80s glam stuff, and it sounds great in solos. An MXR Phase 90 would be good for your psychadelic stuff, along with a flanger maybe. I wouldnt get a chorus, as i find that they really arent used too much outside of Grunge and jangly stuff.