i feel i am a sucky composer
i want to come up with tricky and catchy solo's
I've got the Basics down pretty much
but like what is the secret to making a solo
sound good?

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Quote by littlebigjames

but like what is the secret to making a solo
sound good?

Play it like ya mean it.

Does not belong in Advanced Techniques.
If you take anything from any scale it will be working your root note. Always listen to your backing track for a shift in pitch or change of chord. Being aware of this at all times makes soloing alot easier, especially if you know modes and your basic scales. Other than feeling the music and lettin rip, theres nothing much more to a solo.
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befor you work on any soloing, check out and study your arangement. find the key its in, find if there is any key change, blaw blaw blaw. after that. find as many scales as you can that will fit in with the song, write some licks with the new found scales. jamm out till you like what you make