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1 - terrible
3 43%
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3 - not good
2 29%
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5 - alright....
1 14%
1 14%
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8 - pretty good
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10 - awesome
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Voters: 7.
sounds like every other teenybopper kid starting to sing for the first time.

he also kinda sounds like that kid from southpark who has the crutches and walks around.

he'll eventually get better if he practices his vocal scales and other exercises.
Quote by mannyfresh
i dont get it i didn't hear any lyrics......only bass,guitar and drums

I think u might have listened to 'second best'. the vocals are in will you notice.
hmm i guess my browser aint working because i dont see the usual 5 song XML player for bands on myspace
the page load and an instrumental starts playing
wheres the link for the one you're talkin bout?
couldn't really hear him you guys should turn up his mic
on some parts it sounded like he was singin with his throat
some good advice giving to me by a friend is to try and sing the song acapella, really try to nail it and hear yourself when you aren't hitting a certain note
then move on to practicing with the whole band
other than that i hear some potential \keep rockin!

peace in the middle east!
If you want people to criticize a specific song (probably the best idea) post in Original Recordings (after reading the rules first).

The singing thread is also an option, but that's for specific problems, whereas you aren't the actual singer and it seems like you don't have a clear idea of what you actually want your singer to do.

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