I'm looking to buy a nice metal guitar for $1400 and below. It would be nice if it came with active pickups so I wouldn't have to change them out but that isn't a must. I've been looking at some Ibanez, ESP, Jackson, Kramer, Gibson SG with EMG's, etc... I don't really like the looks of the V-shape guitars. The Deans I can't really tell if I like or not I mean if they play great then I'll be into them. Right now I'm using a Marshall TSL601 (JCM2000 head). I have a LP Studio and a gibson DG335 so I'm looking for something hardcore to complete the little collection. Any help is much appreciated! Thanks!
I say get a Gibson Explorer or an ESP Explorer, maybe the Dan Jacobs model. Depending on if u want an FR or not, id go with one of those. Dean MLs and Zs are good, maybe a CFH ML if you like Pantera.
Personally, id buy an Ibanez and then swap out the p'ups, but failing that, id run over and buy en ESP Eclipse.

What features do you want on it? Trem, 24 frets, mahogany body?
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Quote by Maggot3000
most high class ltd's have active pickups,same with esp

aren't esp and ltd the same company
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they are, LTD is a less fancier, and not as nice a models as ESP though, just for a lower price guitar. I'm gunna say either ESP's or Ibanez' (and switch the p-ups).
i say screw ibanez, go jackson or ESP

personally i'd go ESP, your budget allows for you to get an EC-1000 and a decentish amp, or if your amp is already good, just to go ahead and get an Eclipse. ESP FTW

or a jackson soloist or something, that'd do nicely.
EDIT: nvm didnt see you had a marshall


yeah i'd say go with an ESP and just get an OD or something if you want to do heavier gain stuff
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Not too worried about the frets or wood, I would prefer a tremolo since the guitars I already have don't have one but that isn't a must. I'm also liking some of those ESP's and the hellraiser you guys mentioned. Need to go try to play some tomorrow.
umm new shecter's they actually have some higher end model with actives- blackouts no less. 24 frets, OFR FTW- $999-ish
I would try stuff out. You also have enough to import most of the Edwards line of guitars (a better version of LTD, some people actually do say they like them better than ESP, for that matter). If you start focusing on LTD and ESP, I would look them up, because it will give you more options for guitars.

You could also just aim to spend around $1000 on the guitar itself and put whatever pick-ups you want into it. At that price range, there are a whole lot of options, and you can afford to just find something comfortable and swap out the pick-ups to get the tone you want.
Check Cort's new ranges out, they got some pretty cool new guitars perfect for metal.. I think its the VX series
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Check Cort's new ranges out, they got some pretty cool new guitars perfect for metal.. I think its the VX series

Cort sell some very well appointed guitars for modest prices. Not sure how they hold their value second hand though. If in doubt buy an Ibanez, that is what I always say.
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see if you can find either an Ibanez Petrucci or a Musicman petrucci.
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Schecter C-1 Hellraiser FR, Schecter C-1 Blackjack ATX FR, LTD MH-1000, or a nice Ibanez RG Prestige and a pickup swap. You could potentially go for an Ibanez S Prestige, but those are generally thin guitars with small body cavities, so unless you don't mind potentially doing some routing for actives (9v battery), stay away from those.
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I'd go Ibanez, ESP, or Jackson. When u mean metal though...I hope u mean real metal. These brands would be good for a wide range such as SOAD, The Autumn Offering (omg sex), and Static-X.