whats a good way to get good at this solo because when i try to play it it just sucks
Take it in little chunks, start slow.
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i know i need to practice but what method of practicing will help me learn it the fastest
Quote by Alter-Bridge
Take it in little chunks, start slow.

Yes, slow, in little parts.
Listen to the song too while you are learning it so you know how it goes...
best way to do it.
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In addition to keeping it slow and just practicing over and over again, familiarize yourself with pentatonic scales if you aren't already comfortable with them. Almost all of that solo is in the first position of C# Minor pentatonic.
I improvise solos most of the time, but to straight up learn it, do as they said, take it in pieces. listen to the particular part you're trying to learn, then play it slowly til you got it, then proceed to the next part.
Quote by VR 07
i know i need to practice but what method of practicing will help me learn it the fastest

There isn't one method to guarantee faster learning, we all learn differently so what works best for one won't definitely work for another. Just do the usual, approach it slowly and patiently and tackle it in chunks - there's usually a natrual flow to solos that allows you to break them down. Theory knowledge helps with learning anything as it helps you to recognise commonly uses licks and phrase but at the end of the day if you want to learn a particular solo then you need to practice that solo.

Just bear in mind that no matter how much you want to learn something doesn't guarantee that you'll be able to play it in any specific time frame. You WILL be able to play it, but depending on your current overall level of ability and natural aptitude it could take days, weeks, months or even years!
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