I really am getting interested in mixing songs together.
I am inspired by a guy named carv! who mixes mostly blink-182 songs.

Could somebody please tell me of good software to mix songs. I just don't want to have to buy equipment (ex. a mixing board). I don't care how much money I am willing to pay anything, I wanna save up.

Thank you,
- hotfoot982
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Quote by freshtunes
Buy an Akai MPC. You can get them used pretty cheap.

Ah but i'd rather have software no equipment.
But thanks anyways maybe I will look into it.

- hotfoot982
Absolutely go with Ableton. It is amazing for mixing, as you can easily learn how to cut up the tracks, and beat match them effectively. So much fun to be had.

(Have you got a link to any of the remixing of blink 182? )
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