I'm not really sure which kind of pedal to get...I have a Blues Jr. tube amp and a Vintage Mohagony Les Paul. I want to play alternative/indie rock. Thanks.
I'm not really qualified, but I would think that some kind of fuzz box would work.
I think an OD pedal would be best. I would look at a Digitech Bad Monkey or a Boss Blues Driver.
I find the blues driver to be a bit sterile, if youve got the benjies there are better ODs
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Quote by enceps
I'm not really qualified, but I would think that some kind of fuzz box would work.

you sure aren't qualified.

you want OD. what is your price limit?
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u want to turn the amp up.

I second that.

I have a boss blues driver AND a blues junior you probably want an overdrive, but who knows. I'm saving up for a Big Muff because the DS-1 sucks big time, I'm too lazy to mod it, and I want to try and get as many dirty tones as possible. you might wanna try a tubescreamer if you're dead set on an overdrive.
i turn my amp up and get desired results. (as you can hear in my soundclip, "how to use a tube amp" on my profile)
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Well I can turn up my amp and get some good results, but I am in a college dormroom right now, so I don't have too many opportunities for that. I like my amps distortion, I just want more of it.
yea youd want an od

they sound absolute great with a tubescreamer running through it
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get a cheap marshall... my MG15DFX has a button that simulates the sound of one of the expensive tube marshall amps.