basically if you get some msn message from someone saying this looks like you, then having a link that has your email in it (something like mymsn.com bla bla bla) its a virus. dont click it. DO NOT CLICK IT.

if your not computer savvy this probly wont make any sense to you. i can only hope you have decent anti-virus.

tried to get me but my anti-virus hit it. close your msn or itll send to other ppl too.
go to task manager (ctrl alt delete) and look for anything out of the ordinary. it might be wkssvc.exe, end it.
also i checked my anti-virus virus chest thing and the files that got infected was : hosts in C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc.
also go to the run command and run msinfo32. go to software environment, then loaded modules.
sort everything by the manufacturer column. (click on the part that says manufacturer) find the ones with nothing or labeled not available.
out of those look at the file paths. anything you dont know could be the virus. they like to hang around
in windows system folders (system 32 especially) and probly has a weird name. (looking like random letters)
anything you dont trust find where it is and hover your mouse over it to check its date and stuff. if its microsoft corporation and it says what it is and has an older date its fine. anything that doesnt have a manufacturer
or has the date as today is quite possibly the virus. to delete it just rename it with .bad or anything like that
at the end. (right-click the mouse then rename) restart in safe mode and go delete it.

sorry for wall of text but i figured i might as well warn people about it.
This has been happening to me atleast three times a day for at least a month. It's rather annyoing.
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[quote="'Tommy[fin"]']There are tons of these. Can be like " Woow, amazing! (link here) " and " Fantastic! (link here)". Aroused my suspicion when a finnish mate sent those.

Ya i know there's tons, but this is the first time I get anything of the sort, so I wasn't sure how old it was, and I figured it couldn't hurt to tell people cuz theres always people who'll click everything.
I get those at least 10 times a day. They always say something liek "OMG is this pic to sexy for me to put on myspace?!?!" ( which can be very tempting when it's a hot female friend ) or they say "OMG is dis a pic of you i found it on a pr0n site".
It's OBVIOUSLY a virus when it's a .zip file. Cmon, what kinda Myspace ***** knows how to make a .zip file?
Quote by Thornography
It's OBVIOUSLY a virus when it's a .zip file. Cmon, what kinda Myspace ***** knows how to make a .zip file?

Nicely done, Thornography.