I need some music similar to the monty python and the holy grail theme for a silly movie I made for school. Limewire doesn't have anything.

Anyone know where I can get such a thing?

(I don't want to use the monty python song because that would make it seem like a spoof and you can't spoof a movie that's already silly to begin with.)
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ultima online music was medieval-ish... not sure if you'd beable to find that anywhere but its worth a try.
Reniassance classical guitar/lute music.

Should be exactly what you're looking for. Composers like John Dowland and Alonso Mudarra.
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Maybe take a snippet of an orchestral part from a Rhapsody of Fire song or something.
[quote="'Tommy[fin"]']Ensiferum intros!

exactly! Eternal Wait is as medieval as they come nowadays. and Goblin's Dance gets really fruity in the chorus. Not complaining, I dont mind ensiferum. mind you.
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which song would be upbeat? like when knights are riding around.
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Depends on what she's on top of. If she's on top of my pizza I'm gonna have to scissor kick a bitch.

A few Enya songs may work.

Bard Dance
The River Sings
Cursum Perficio

Then again there are probably more Medieval songs than those out there...
Ritchie Blackmores (Deep Purple) current band "Blackmore's Night" specialise in 'medieval mood music' Most of their songs have vocals, but I believe they have some instrumentals too.
Otoño Medieval by Rata Blanca. It's just guitar though.
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If you are looking for something similar to the Monty Python Theme (The Liberty Bell March) I wouldn't be looking so much at "Medieval Music"... more like marches.


I am an idiot, I just saw that you meant from the Holy grail....

anyhow, -1 for not paying attention
Intro to Glory of the Empire by Circus Maximus.
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blind guardian...
rhapsody of fire...
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