Ive been recording using the same equipment and software for about 5 years now. Its a pretty cheap setup but it works for my needs. But recently my recordings have been going out of sync. It really hurts my recordings to only be able to record 20 seconds at a time. Anyone know why this is happening. It worked great for 5 years, so I dont really know whats going on.
Need more details. What is your set up? Computer specs, software, hardware etc...

Try de-fragging your computer, its maybe tired out.
It surprises me how it has worked for so long , yet now doesn't. But yeah, you really need to give more information about the gear and such.
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I use a boss br 532, I use this to plug everything into the computer through either the mic or line in jack on my sound card. My computer has AMD Athlon xp 2400+, 1.50 GHz, 512 mb ram. I really dont know a lot about computer hardware, but since it worked before, I know it cant be because of my hardware. And I use Acid pro 4.
You said it is out of sync - is it lagging? Is there a lot of latency? And does it cut off after 20 seconds? I'm just trying to get all the info.
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after about 20 seconds the recorded track will lag behind a bit, and as the track gets longer, it falls further behind.
get some more ram. and take stuff off ur computer.

ur running a pc and sometimes it freezes up because of not much ram and u got to much stuff on it at once and its slowing it down and messes it up.
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Sounds more like a tempo setting, loop setting, or sample rate issue than a bad software or too slow computer issue. Check your tempo, check your record to loop settings, check your sample rates, check if you have any temop changes etc.

It could be something very simple.

Download a free software such as Reaper and see if you still have sync issues.
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Muphin if you want to spout fanboyism of tape recording, please do it somewhere else at is rarely helpful here.

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?????? AMD Athlon xp 2400+, 1.50 GHz ?????

That doesnt sound right to me..if thats the chip i think it is..you should be at
2 GHZ roughly.
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Its not a tempo problem, all im doing is recording to a metronome, and by the end of a song im way off. And no its not a human error, it is an incredible difference.
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sounds like a setting issue but if I were you I would upgrade that computer a little. Ram is cheap and going up to even 1gb should make a big change.

when i was gaming back in the day 512mb was okay but then i got more stuff and it slowed my computer down and started to crash.

i just restarted it fresh and upgraded it to 1GB and WOW it was Amazingly good.

i say do that.
That sounds about right for that processor. A 3000+ is roughly 2.1ghz.

Unless the program is actively crashing, glitching, the engine is dropping out, etc. it is highly unlikely that the problem is in any way related to your processor or RAM.
I wouldn't say it's to do with the computer specs anyway. If it's been working ok all this time, then surely it should still, unless there have been any drastic changes to your system.

Anyway, I would do what someone else suggested : try some other software, see if it still happens.
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There are a lot of things that can cause those kinda problems, mostly software. I ditched all the Norton stuff years ago (I used to be a full time self-employed PC geek type) because on some systems it would just bring it to it's knees without any rhyme or reason. That could be a problem. A lot of the messenger programs like Yahoo, AOL, just keep getting bigger as far as their memory footprint goes and that could be a problem.

When was the last time the system was "cleaned so to speak", dump all the Internet cache files (including Offline stuff). Then go in and really clean out the Temp files folder (C:\Documents and Settings > {User Name} >Local Settings > Temp, which you have to have the View Hidden and System Files option turned on to see). That is probably crammed fulled of nothing. Dump all that stuff, anything a program needs, it will rebuild. Empty the Recycle Bin. Run a Defrag and then reboot. Then make sure all non-recording related software is turned off and then try and see what happens

+1 on all that.
and if you can, have your PC do a defrag once a week while you're not on it. I have mine do one while at one of my classes. Sometimes it can take 3 hours or so if it hasnt been done in a while so its best to start it late at night and let it run.