so, ive got this bass amp
i got it from one of my dads friends

its called a "pre-rickenbacker road 220 bass amp"

ive searched everything online, but i can hardly find anything on it
just one picture and a short description...

"Practically unknown today, Road Electronics manufactured high-end solid-state amplifiers, build like tanks with an aluminium flight-case design. Bud Ross, who designed the Kustom amps and the Ross pedals, started this company after having sold Kustom. Below is a nice example of a pre-Rickenbacker Road 220 bass amplifier:

so, im just wondering if there are any amp experts out there who know anything or could help me out on any history of this amp

peavey grind 4 string
homemade bamboo fretless 4 string w/ kahler tremolo

peavey max 112
pre-rickenbacker road 220 bass amp