My guitar has a JB at bridge and SH-2N Jazz pickup at neck and I want to get a single coil tone out of them and was wondering if it was possible to rewire them to get a coil tap feature. If it is possible, how would it work exactly. Thanks for the help, complete noob at this.

Edit: It is a schecter classic if it helps at all.
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It is very much possible. Go to SeymourDuncan.com, they have wiring diagrams there.
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I just looked at the diagram and I think I kind of understand it, but how would the coil tap work, like instead of the normal 2 position on selector, wold it then become the coil tap?
If you followed this, then the positions would be:
2-bridge + neck
4-bridge + split neck
5- split bridge

(as it says in the diagram), if you want more possibilities, then you'll need a 5-way super switch, and you can follow this diagram. That one's much more useful, IMO.
no, you need another switch in the guitar. you probably want a DPDT push pull potentiometer (pot is the lingo)

guitatrfetish,com or guitarelectronics.com
Please excuse my ignorance but I'm thinking of replacing the original humbuckers on my '93 Patrick Eggle Berlin Stage with some SD's, it already has a coil tap on the bridge humbucker so if I get that replaced do I just need to ask the techy to make sure to wire it up to work with the coil tap push pull pot?

Can I add a coil tap on the front humbucker to work in conjunction with the 2 way selector?