I've been wanting a better amp then my current spider3 and i cam across this amp in my cities classifieds. This is the description given. If anyone knows more about this amp that would be great. Also, is it a tube amp?

Yamaha G100-212 II has 2 12 inch Yamaha JA3066 speakers. Each speakers' peak power rating is 180watts. There are 2 Inputs: A high and a low. There is a clean (Bright) A channel and a crunchy (Fat)sounding B Channel. For Channel A there is a volume, a treble, a middle, and a bass knob. For channel B there is a gain, a master vol., a treble, middle, and bass. There is also a parametric EQ that is used for both channels. This consists of Level, Q, and frequency 500 knobs. Next to that there is a reverb knob. An external speaker input, a direct out, a reverb footswitch out, and a A/B footswitch out. amazingly loud amp for it's 100 watts. In great condition, the odd scratches here and there on the tolex and is missing the Yamaha logo on the grill, but is mechanically sound as these are built like a tan! great amp but I just bought myself a stack so this now serves me no purpose. I am asking $135 OBO Cheers!
Well, im not sure what this amp is, but if its in the Classefieds, would you be able to call the seller or anything? If you can do that, you could go see the amp for yourself.