I am new to changing pickups, etc. It seemed straightforward enough. I finished it up, plugged the guitar in, only to have 2/5 switches dead, and a third one making a bizarre ticking sound. I have come to the realization that I need to reach out to somebody who knows what they're doing.

I have a strat which I am trying to install an HSH setup into, although the S is technically a dual coil; something I didn't know at the time of purchase. I have the bridge humbucker coils wired series, so that I only have two wires coming off of that. The mid and neck coils are also wired in series, but also have them connected to a DPDT toggle so that I can get a split if I want.

So all and all, I have three pickups which can be treated a regular pickups with only two wires coming off of them.

I am looking to get the following options on my 5-way switch.

*mid only
*mid and neck in parallel
*neck only
*neck and bridge in series
*bridge only

Is this arrangement possible? If so, any suggestions on how to accomplish this? I replaced all of the knobs with push/pulls, so I have two available DPDT switches (the third is already in use for the coil switch). I also have the 24-contact "super" 5 switch.

I was wondering if its possible to wire a DPDT such that it would toggle the currently selected pickups between parallel and series, then it would just be a matter of wiring the 5-way in a regular setup.

Thanks in advance.