Ok so I have been messin around with my guitar for a couple months now. I really have no sense of direction I just learn parts of songs I like haha. I dont really know any full songs yet, but I know bits/peice/half songs of like "wish you were here - Pink Floyd... Tears in Heaven..." etc etc etc. I have an acoustic and a squire strat but I mostly play the acoustic b/c the strings on the strat are alot closer together and harder for me to play .

Anyway, I like playing and all, but I want to start taking it seriously... so what should I learn first? Chords? Finger exersizes? Scales?... I need a finger in the right direction! HALP!
Usually chords are the first thing to start - the main open chords, then barre-chords.
Finger exercises and scales would be next to start soloing basics.
Also, learn to play songs that you like to practise your skills. It's a better chance you'll stick with it if you're having fun.
I personally started out with learning the basic chords. Then I moved onto learning the notes of the fret and scales, both at the same time. I found that pretty easy to get the feel of it. Then I moved onto more chords. I stayed with those for a while and then tried learning a different variety of songs. Then I worked back onto the scales. The main thing I worked on was my picking technique, rhythm, patterns, and I also worked my fingers really hard. I wouldn’t recommend that finger exerciser that uses all 4 fingers, my uncle got arthritis from that. But that’s all just me, I did a lot of switching on and off between chords and scales. But once you learn the notes, I think you would have to try hard to forget them.

But that’s how I do it, it could be different for other people.
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